This is an amazing, profound and extremely important book as it tells us of many things we ignored about Jesus’ life and his teachings. It clarifies many obscure aspects of the Gospels and shines new light on the Messiah’s mission on earth. Jesus tells us in this book that his mission is not over and will only be completed when the Kingdom of God is finally realized on earth.  

 The book was dictated by the Lord Himself in the 19th Century to a medium who we know not her name, though we know it was a woman, she is only known as Medium X. According to the Lord Jesus, a long chain of intermediaries had to be used so that he might be able to dictate this book. His energy vibration is so great he cannot do it directly as it would burn out, so to speak, the medium used to transmit His message, like a small light bulb would burn out if subjected to a greater voltage than it was designed for. It is also said that when Jesus came to the Earth it took him 1,000 years to diminish his energy vibration in order to incarnate in a human body. As a grown man his face and body used to bleed quite often without an apparent cause. It was, now we know, due to the extreme spiritual energies he was subject to when in prayer or addressing the crowds that came to listen to him. 

The original book was written in French and was later translated to Italian, and that version translated into Spanish. The Spanish translator was also a medium who received the dictation of the second part in the 20th Century. His name was Ovidio Rebaudi, born in Paraguay, but lived in Buenos Aires. At first he was reluctant to translate this book into Spanish, because he himself had lost faith in Jesus, believing him to be a myth. But a series of apparently unconnected occurrences happened which made him change his mind and he set forth on the difficult task of translating the book. It seems he was a very special person and highly spiritual indeed as he was then used by the Light Forces to transmit the second part Jesus had in mind. He is referred to in the book as Medium XX.

 I must warn all those who are attached to the traditional Christian beliefs that they will find great discrepancies with those traditions. They shall read that Jesus had seven brothers and sisters, that his father was a widower before he married Mary and had five children from his previous marriage. His mother was a virgin before Jesus was conceived by natural sexual intercourse, as “God will not violate His own laws,” and her body had to be kept pure of karmic interferences in order to nourish Jesus in her womb. He also tells in the book that he never performed any miracles, those were all exaggerations by the Apostle John, and that he studied the Kabala. He also says that he made many mistakes as all humans are prone to in the physical realm, and that he is not God. This last statement is vehemently remarked by Jesus in the second part of the book. The laws of karma are also addressed by Jesus here, where he remarks that we must reborn many times in order to achieve our destiny. He tells us that our material world is ephemeral but most importantly he transmits His message of Love and demands of us determination and action in our spiritual commitments. He urges us to pray with our hands more than with our lips; to love each other over all. Jesus gives many proofs about the authenticity of his words within the book. This book should be read carefully and slowly, meditating each phrase and paragraph in order to fully grasp what the Lord Jesus is conveying to us.


The English translation:

 The Spanish version is written in quite an old fashion language style that was in use more accurately in the first half of the 20th Century. In that sense I have tried to maintain the same style to keep the authenticity of the book intact. If I had tried to modernize it, it would probably not seem as authentic as it really is. However, in many cases I have followed Jesus’ own recommendation: “Keep the spirit of my words and not the words themselves.” 

I will not translate all the different forewords and articles of the Spanish version as it would only distract the reader from the book’s most important part: Jesus’ own account of his life. 

I believe that the time has come for all men and women to know the Truth from Jesus himself. Our human society is going through a turning point in history and a great change from above is awaited with great hope by all those who have achieved a greater spiritual awareness. This Great Change is imminent, I have no doubt about it. “The grain must be set apart from the weed in order for the Kingdom of God to descend on Earth.”


Marcos Molina Baker

March 2009

Buenos Aires, Argentina